AlphaCAM Post Processors

Unlock your CNC's full potential

Spare yourself the pain of integration

The arrival of a new CNC is an exciting day. But for anyone who has endured the pain of integration, you know few things are more frustrating than watching your brand new machine sit idle because you don't have a working post-processor. We have been there and we don't want any of our customers to experience that pain.

Our shared post processing kernel has been continously refined to seamlessly integrate AlphaCAM with your CNC, unlocking the full power of your controller. This shared kernel approach ensures the functions of our post-processors have been rigorously tested in a wide variety of operating environments. Additionally, when unique situations identify an issue, the shared kernel is revised and all of our active customers receive the update.

We believe the key to reducing the stress of integration is communication. To that end, we work with our customer and the machine manufacturer to gather as much information as possible prior to your installation date. And during your installation and integration, we stay available by e-mail or phone to quickly address and trouble shoot any issues. We know the frustration of discovering a problem, passing the information on to a post writer, and then waiting days or weeks for an update, only to find the update contains new problems. We do everything in our power to address problems in hours not days. Throughout the integration, we strive to be a resource for your AlphaCAM users and the machine technician to ensure your new machine is fully functional as fast as possible. Many times we have our customers cutting parts on day one.

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