2023 Post Processor Version Update Summary

All users currently in support have received updates to their existing post processors. In addition to many customizations and customer specific bug fixes, following is a general outline of some of the major improvements and fixes.

  1. General Post Items
    1. Added support for Delta controller.
    2. AlphaCAM nested sheets can be used with quadrant 3 and 4 machines.
    3. Use of work planes parallel to flat land now allowed in three axis post.
    4. Bug fix for AlphaCAM crashing when user attempted to output code for all operations with some operations hidden.
  2. New Configuration Options (Please contact KorTech to implement any of these features on your post as needed.)
    1. Use of generic tool numbering system. This makes it possible to use the same tool numbering across multiple machines.
    2. Option to reduce program file size through comment reduction.
    3. Support for AlphaCAM split nested sheet feature.
  3. New Extra Cost Options
    1. Horizontal spindle support for 3-axis machining using C-axis positioning.
    2. Dual 90 aggregate support.
    3. Support for Ranrob style tool changes with look-ahead pre-load feature.
  4. Program Operations
    1. Added support for G73 pecking drill canned cycle with partial retract.
    2. Added support for saw operations using a vertical spindle (i.e. slot cutting).
  5. Drill Block Operations
    1. Added support for using G54P offsets with drill blocks.
    2. Multi-drill auto-Z drilling now fully supported with vertical and horizontal drill block operations.
    3. Bug fix for errors in slaved drill list in header.
    4. Bug fix where sometimes the choice to drill at r-Plane or safe rapid height could create an incorrect drill depth.
  6. Five Axis Specific
    1. Bug fix for potential pre-wind error when using automatic rapid manager where rapid is added between 3-axis and 5-axis operations.
      1. Safety feature added. Post will test if the previous operation was hidden. If so, will make next move an XYZ rapid. Note -- it is good practice to verify accuracy when posting code with operations hidden.
    2. Improved approach for safe entry and exit of tilted work plane (TWP).
      1. Post will now query user for safe Z height for TWP operations (safe Z location to be directly about first move in the TWP with head oriented to TWP).
        1. User option to apply this setting to all TWP operations.
    3. Improved B and C combination used to orient head before entering TWP.
    4. Hidden AlphaCAM child operations will no longer be shown in operation list dialogue.