2022 Post Processor Version Update Summary

All users currently in support have received updates to their existing post processors. In addition to many customizations and customer specific bug fixes, following is a general outline of some of the major improvements and fixes.

  1. General Post Items
    1. Migrated older versions to centralized kernel to support access to improved features and hardware modifications.
    2. Extra cost option added to allow custom tool change Z height. This is for high repetition tool change operations.
    3. Extra cost option for various custom aggregates.
  2. Program Operations
    1. Increased support for child operations to include tools previously not identified.
    2. Improved support for child operations in older version of AlphaCAM.
  3. Multiple Spindle/Table Operations
    1. Feature added allowing alternating table programs to support pendulum operations.
    2. Improved tool number listing in header for slaved tools.
    3. Extra cost option created for Spindle Quick Start on multiple spindle machines.
  4. Drill Block Operations
    1. New feature to utilize work volume when creating safe Z clearance on horizontal drilling/boring.
      1. Added user prompt for safe Z if no work volume found.
    2. Master group numbering added to program header for the list of drills.
    3. Bug fixes related to combining multi drill operations into single canned cycle.
    4. Improved multiple drill head support for multi-drill including:
      1. Added user option of slaving of multiple drill block heads.
    5. Horizontal drilling located on same work plane is grouped for efficiency.